"Meme Booth"



6 NOVEMBER, 2019


Kindohm returns to Conditional with Meme Booth, a startlingly focussed collection of ideas notated in characteristic fizzy synthesis and off-kilter rhythms. Persuasively addictive dance music.

Innumerable sine waves grapple for attention atop restless kick drums right from the off, with opener 'Articulator' setting out a blueprint for the movements to come. Elsewhere, the title track cycles through endless permutations of itself, looking for the perfect configuration and finding it over and over again.

The loping mechanics of 'Friend Suggestion' give way to the optimistic mutations of 'Flexbox', its lone synth swerving through myriad timbres. Moments of respite tumble into view, with the modulated waves of 'Unfollowed Silence' allowing a breath-catch before the dismantled recapitulation of 'It Me.gif' turns up to break itself into unhealthy shapes.

Meme Booth exhibits a fresh approach to synthesis and rhythm, resting both on and off the grid as if wrestling with time itself - only to dive off of the top rope and land squarely in the centre of the dancefloor.