William Fields

"Local Maxima"



30 APRIL, 2018


William Fields is an audio-visual artist like few others, conjuring unforeseen shapes that break apart and fuse together in sync with unconventional rhythmic structures. We are very excited to bring his latest EP, Local Maxima, to Conditional.

Local Maxima creates an entirely unique sound world. Time breathes deeply and rhythm slips out of control, bordering on chaos but always retaining a swinging pulse. Icy harmonies stretch and contract atop rolling drums and warm bass tones.

Fields’ improvisatory composition process shapes the unpredictable pathways of Local Maxima’s five stellar tracks, informing everything from the broken shuffle of ‘Ectomorph’ to the frenetic deconstruction of ‘Catenary’.

Local Maxima is released on April 30th via Conditional Records.