Georgie McVicar

"Failure to Meet Repayments Could Result in One (or more) of the Following Being Actioned Against You"



26 OCTOBER, 2018


Er, now look here,


I’m going to play you this album and it’s going to tell you a few things very plainly. One: I hope that you are doing OK, despite our most recent conversation. There’s a little wiggling sound which I think will CHEER you up enormously. Two: I’ve been thinking a lot since last week’s great financial calamity… you know, pondering if you will. Perhaps, when I asked you that simple question I wasn’t speaking delicately enough. Please accept this endearing square wave as my apology. Sending it straight to your heart now.

There! all sent.

Anyway, in times of trouble and times of nascent joy Georgie McVicar’s sophomore album offers us a peek into the soft and wrinkly side of last week’s unfortunate disaster. Those dominant economic and musical technes which seem so often to rule us, are tendered here as gentle and discrete morsels. Small packages, gifts to fill a hole. Actually, I said they were small, but each bite is monolithic in its own way. Tracks are each composed out of a single and important structure. Ascent endlessly is contrasted with flatness. Lint filled pockets of silence give us pause to hope or worry for that which comes next. Consistency is proffered only in the service of change.

The London producer and co-founder of cultural icon Stray Landings has assembled 7 musical actions which seem to exist at the moment right before a great vanishing. There is a peacefulness here, but one not without tension. Repayment intuits a loss. But what if we don’t know what was missing in the first place?