Nancy Drone




27 FEBRUARY, 2019


Nancy Drone presents a new world of swirling ambience, arachnid techno mutations and bright shards of percussive mayhem on DISPLACEMENT.

Committed to hard drive during a move from Pittsburgh, PA to Berlin, Germany, the album's seven tracks disregard time and place, giving themselves ample room to breathe and flex. The stuttering, skittering arpeggiated ambience of 'Reidentification' gives way to the molasses-thick bass and infectious rhythm at the backbone of 'Counter-Productive'.

The back half of DISPLACEMENT unfurls with the faraway thunder claps of 'Lakes To The Sea' then ramps up the tempos considerably, hitting light speed for footworkian blasts of barely-controlled chaos. 'Olestati' baits the dancers into locking horns with mammoth bass and off-kilter rhythms, while 'Stim De Novo' brings down an acid rain of deadly snares and glassy synths.

Music by Molly Gunn. Artwork by Melissa Dias-Mandoly.