Daniel Katinsky

"Digital Concrete"



4 JUNE, 2018


Glasgow’s Daniel Katinsky serves up a collection of ice-cold synth interjections on their Conditional debut, ‘Digital Concrete’.

Right from the opener ‘Dreariness’, Katinsky exhibits a startlingly unique new voice with complete mastery of their tools. Staccato bursts of precisely-modulated synth solidify with chemtrail delay lines and pinpoint percussion to form a captivating whole. 12-minute centrepiece ‘Lock to Loose’ lays down a morphogenic groove, never sitting still but keeping its own time until it shatters and recombines into a double-time stomper. Elsewhere, ‘The Folds’ ruminates through to the gradual destruction of its core rhythm, allowing outside forces to take it apart. The glittering 2-step shuffle of ‘Kampii 2’ is beset upon by sharp stutters and rogue effects. Title track ‘Digital Concrete’ focusses on the space between the chaos, bending and stretching synthetic skin over melodic muscle.