Cameron Shafii

"Corpora Vilia"



30 JANUARY, 2019


Le son n'a pas de face cachée, il est tout devant derrière et dehors dedans, sans dessus dessous par rapport à la logique la plus générale de la présence...

Sound has no hidden face; it is all in front, in back, and outside inside, inside-out in relation to the most general logic of presence…

— Jean-Luc Nancy, À l'écoute

Cameron Shafii’s ‘Corpora Vilia’ consolidates the many strands of the composer’s practice into three long-form tracks. Toying with the ear and skirting an uncanny valley of timbre, the pieces propose a new paradigm for structuring musical material through the acoustic properties of sound. From stalactitic passages of hair-raising synthesis to through-composed acousmatic sequences, listeners are invited to feel the presence of hundreds of tiny fragments of audio that have been cut, spliced, and processed to give the impression of a virtual orchestra.

Cameron Shafii is an Iranian composer practicing electronic and electroacoustic music. His compositions are inflected with a host of digital synthesis processes and are informed by aspects of acousmatic theory, particularly spectromorphology. He runs the Ge-stell label and is based in Philadelphia, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in German at the University of Pennsylvania.